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DIY Spinning Wheels: Build your own spinning wheel.

Spinning wheels are expensive, especially if you've only just got into spinning yarn. But there are ways to take the next step, without spending a fortune. You could buy or make yourself a kick spindle, or you can even make your own DIY Spinning Wheel. It takes a lot to make your own spinning wheel, and I should know because that's the route I took. But once it's finished it's a great feeling knowing you made it from scratch (and also knowing you've saved a wodge of cash).     Luckily I had some amazing help from my mechanically gifted other-half. Who am I really kidding though? He pretty much made it himself with guidance and poking/prodding from me. Make...

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Spinning Wheel Basics

Buying your first beginner spinning wheel when you've never even used one before can be such a surreal feeling. Ploughing that kind of money into equipment you've never touched let alone understand how it works is scary. AF.  But fear not, I'm going to walk you through the most very basic of how a spinning wheel works and what the parts are and do. I'll also go into a little bit more detail on a few things to help you make a more informed choice on wheels. 

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