Notions Pouch - Knitter's Kit
Notions Pouch - Knitter's Kit
Notions Pouch - Knitter's Kit
Notions Pouch - Knitter's Kit
Notions Pouch - Knitter's Kit
Notions Pouch - Knitter's Kit

Notions Pouch - Knitter's Kit

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Inside the Knitter's Tool Kit 

  • Yarn Snips
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stitch Fixer
  • Stitch marker - Surprise Design
  • Tapestry Needle

The Pouch

Black canvas zipped pouch, the perfect size for crochet hooks and other knitting notions- or even use it as a pencil case. Every pouch has been designed and heat pressed by me with a knitted pattern on one side and the Woollen Wytch Moon on the reverse. The designs are applied using strong, self adhesive vinyl. This item is not washer safe as this may reduce the lifespan of the design. 

Pouch Size: 21 x 13cm

The Stitch Fixer 

Every knitter knows that it's always a good idea to have a pick-up hook or stitch fixer handy for those pesky knitting emergencies, so if you've dropped a stitch, don't despair!

This handy little tool is a latched crochet hook that can be used to pick up dropped stitches and works beautifully for most project repairs with yarns of different weights and fibres. It's a little different to your standard stitch fixer and crochet hook, but it's something I personally swear by and find it a lot quicker and easier to use. 

The Stitch Fixer is made of stainless steel, meaning it's hard wearing and will always  be about to save the day. 

The Yarn Snips

You may have seen similar ones shearing sheep, these are just the same, only smaller and much cuter - making them perfect for project bags.  Made of high carbon steel with high hardness snips and durable hard plastic handle. 

Streamlined and good for only one thing – snipping yarn. 

This rustic, one-piece 4-inch snip is a great little tool for snipping yarn, and feels really tactile to use. It will soon become an indispensable part of your knit kit and notion pouch. The precision of the blades also makes light work of cutting fiddly threads of all weights and textures.

Most snips on the market come with useless but lethal razor sharp points on the end, not ours. Every Woollen Wytch Snips has been hand blunted by AF Customs, so you don't stab through your project bags. WIPs or most importantly - yourself. Keeping the sharpness on the part you need and getting rid of the useless point. 

Easy to use and no fiddling about to use. Just whip out your snips and starting snipping. 

Please note these are snips, not scissors, so they are really only good for snipping yarn. 

Measuring Tape

Black measuring tailors tape.

60 Inch/ 1.5 Meters in Length, dual sided with both Imperial and Metric measurements. 

Small enough to fit comfortably in even the smallest Notions pouch or Project Bag. 

The tape measure is small, compact, space saving and portable. Can place in the pocket, pencil box and bag , just feel free to use anytime and anywhere.

Tapestry Needle and Stitch Marker

The definitive must-haves for any Knitting Notions Pouch is of course the tapestry needle and stitch marker. Use your tapestry needle to weave in the ends or close that sock toe with the Kitchener stitch. 

Every Notion pouch also comes with one mystery stitch marker with unique design hand drawn by myself. These designs will be randomly picked from previous designs including Woollen Wytch Moon, Roses, Deer and Mountain Range.  

Needle Length:5.2cm

Needle Eye Length:1.25mm

Stitch marker: Random mystery design on bulb pin. 


Care instructions 

*Do not machine wash
*Sponge off any marks as soon as possible with soapy water.
* Do not apply any heat to vinyl area.