New Growth -  Wisteria - Superwash DK Yarn
New Growth -  Wisteria - Superwash DK Yarn
New Growth -  Wisteria - Superwash DK Yarn

New Growth - Wisteria - Superwash DK Yarn

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Wait, why is this one Wisteria New Growth? What's the difference between this one and Wisteria? The OG Wisteria was actually dyed as a complete accident. My initial dye went wrong then I over-dyed it twice trying to make it nicer. It's suffice to say in my stress to fix it, I didn't write any of the process down. Meaning as amazing as the colour turned out, it's completely unique and a one-off colour. I have however, worked out how to almost recreate it- enter New Growth Wisteria, a newer, better and more importantly repeatable version of Wisteria.  It's also now in Superwash.

Deliciously soft Double Knit DK yarn, hand dyed for a unique edge, perfect for punchy socks and head-turning shawls. 

Made from 100% Superwash wool, which has been treated in a way that allows it to be machine washed- perfect for knitting new baby blankets. 

Like the rest of my yarn it’s a Merino wool base which means it’s perfect for knitters with sensitive skin. Don't get stuck on socks, this Yarn is great for most projects including shawls and hats.

You can now choose to have your yarn in a skein or a ball!

Hand dyed using professional acid dyes, each skein of yarn produced by Woollen Wytch is unique.

All Woollen Wytch Merino Wool is from Non-mulesed sheep. Mulesing, to save you from Googling it and seeing the graphic photos, is the removal of large swaths of skin and flesh from the area around a sheep's rear-end. Farmers do it to combat a blowfly infestation, but there are other more humane techniques to combat this without harming the sheep. Woollen Wytch is proud to only source from ethical suppliers that consider the welfare and treatment of animals.  


To Cake or Not to Cake? 

No idea what to do with a Skein? Can't be bothered to sit and hand-wind all that lovely yarn into a ball? 

Don't worry, I've got you covered.  Just add my 'Wool Winding Service' to your cart for each skein. 

Wait, I'm new to knitting, what's a Yarn cake? A cake is essentially a centre-pull ball, wound into a flat 'cake' shape. They are perfect for knitting from directly without the tangle or mess.  

Caring for your Hand dyed Yarn

Gentle hand wash, air dry flat.

Some bleeding may occur with saturated colours. Although every effort has been taken to ensure colourfast yarn, you may experience a small amount of colour bleeding on the first couple of washes.  This is normal for hand dyed yarn.

△     Product Details    △

100g Skein or Cake
DK Weight 
300m per 100g approx.
Needle Size: 3.00 - 4.00mm
Tension/Gauge Stitches per inch: 5
Tension/Gauge Rows per inch: 7