wool batt - art batt - fibre for spinning - woollen wytch
rosebud wool batt - art batt - fibre for spinning - woollen wytch
Rosebud - Wool Batt
Rosebud - Wool Batt

Rosebud - Wool Batt

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 Rosebud Wool Batt - Art Batt for Spinning

Inspired by garden walks through English gardens this art batt blends pinks and reds into a gradient through the batt. Using dyed Merino wool, and a small amount of sparkly Angelina, blending into a beautifully soft and vibrant wool batt, perfect for spinning unique yarns.

Wool batts are comprised of fibres that have been carded and taken off in one big blanket sheet, folded and rolled.

Not just for spinning, try experimenting with felting, both wet and needle felting.


How do I spin Wool Batts?

Spinning from them is pretty easy if you've never done it. You can peel strips off the sheet to spin on a spinning wheel or drop spindle. You can even spin directly from the batt. Check out my video tutorials for more information.

Add extra bits of fibre to the wool batt, take some away, or use them as they are.


Product Info

• Contents: Merino/

• Weight: Approx 100g


NOTICE: When purchasing batts, the batt pictured is one of the set, therefore may not be the exact batt you receive. While each batt contains the exact same colour fibres, the distribution of those fibres may differ. The colours that appear more prominently on the exterior of the batt pictured may be different from the batt you receive, but the overall fibre and colour content are the same. 

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