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Woollen Wytch

XXXL Sock Blocker - Seconds Sale

XXXL Sock Blocker - Seconds Sale

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This XXXL Sock Blocker is a fantastically large Sock blocker for those with larger feet.

Unfortunately it's brother was too far gone, however this individual sock blocker is still perfectly usable- the only fault is a cosmetic defect in the wood (as seen in photos)

Laser cut to Clark shoe measurements for sizes, I've been able to give a more accurate fitting for socks, creating the perfect fit Socks when used along side the Woollen Wytch Sock Ruler. 

Each Sock Blocker is made from 6mm untreated plywood, giving them a hardwearing, weighty feel unlike other more flimsy sock blockers on the market. 

Whether you decide to stain, wax or paint the untreated plywood, or leave it as bare wood, each Sock Blocker has a engraved rose design on one side, because why not have something look pretty and be functional.

Each Sock Blocker has a little cut-out at the top so you can even hang them up and display them pride of place- with or without Socks.

Sock Blockers come in a pair, so you can Blocker both finished socks at once, no more waiting round for one to dry before blocking the other. 


Blocker Sizes Foot length (mm) UK Shoes Size
EU Shoe Size
XXXL 310 13 +  47.5 +  


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