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Woollen Wytch

Yarn Snips

Yarn Snips

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You may have seen similar ones shearing sheep, these are just the same, only smaller and much cuter - making them perfect for project bags.  Made of high carbon steel with high hardness snips and durable hard plastic handle. 

Streamlined and good for only one thing – snipping yarn. 

This rustic, one-piece 4-inch snip is a great little tool for snipping yarn, and feels really tactile to use. It will soon become an indispensable part of your knit kit and notion pouch. The precision of the blades also makes light work of cutting fiddly threads of all weights and textures.

Most snips on the market come with useless but lethal razor sharp points on the end, not ours. Every Woollen Wytch Snips has been hand blunted by AF Customs, so you don't stab through your project bags. WIPs or most importantly - yourself. Keeping the sharpness on the part you need and getting rid of the useless point. 

Easy to use and no fiddling about to use. Just whip out your snips and starting snipping. 

Please note these are snips, not scissors, so they are really only good for snipping yarn. 

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