About Woollen Wytch

I make yarn for knitters to breathe life into their projects with adventurous evocative hand dyed yarns. 

Woollen Wytch offers hand dyed yarns and fibres for adventurous knitters and crafters. You might also enjoy my sustainable wooden stitch markers, knitting tools and Mogget our studio cat. 

I'm Stephanie Male

Maker and dyer of Woollen Wytch

About Steph

I came to knitting after 10 years of experience spinning my own yarn from fibre and I'm here to share my knowledge, experience and joy. 

With a passion for sustainability, there's so much I can do to help you in your knitting journey. 


Hand dyed yarns and the right knitting tools are an investment, so I invite you to take a look around and discover the world of Woollen Wytch.


 What Woollen Wytch stands for

Sustainability Curiosity Adventure
Every stitch marker is created using environmentally friendly materials, actively supporting responsible woodland management schemes. Life is about curiosity and experimenting. And that's what I like to bring when I create from Woollen Wytch.  Getting outside together is what life is all about, it's part of the reason I knit, so I always have something warm to wear. 


 Interesting things about Woollen Wytch:

  • The first time I tried knitting it ended up across the room in a tantrum (I was 7yrs old) 
  • Our studio cat, Mogget, has to be kept out of the studio to stop her eating the yarn. (Although her hair still manages to get in)
  • We save & reuse as much as possible, whether that's leftover dyes, water or fibre. 
  • Reading and knitting saved my life. 


Meet the Woollen Wytch Team

Whilst Woollen Wytch is primarily a one-woman business, there's still a few regular characters to meet.


 Ant - a.k.a 'Swompz'

Head of lifting heavy objects and fixing many broken things. 

Mogget & Mouse

Co-chief Floof Distributors



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