Wool Winding Service
Wool Winding Service
Yarn cake - wool winding service for hand dyed yarn by Woollen Wytch

Wool Winding Service

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Get those Cakes ready for Knitting.

Need your yarn wound into cakes so you're all ready to start knitting? Add this to the cart for the number of skeins you need wound.

No idea what to do with a Skein? Can't be bothered to sit and hand-wind all that lovely yarn into a ball? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Tack on my wool-winding service to your skeins.

Wait, I'm new to knitting, what's a Yarn cake? A cake is essentially a centre-pull ball, wound into a flat 'cake' shape. They are perfect for knitting from directly without the tangle or mess. 

If you would like your yarn wound into cakes, please ensure you purchase one of these for each Skein of yarn you purchase. The skein will be wound into a cake that you have the option to use as a centre pull ball.

This is PER SKEIN.

So, if you are Ordering 2 skeins, add 2 x 'Winding Services' to your cart.

Want some in a ball, and others left as a Skein? Just let me know at checkout or contact me directly. .