Merry Christmas from Woollen Wytch

Merry Christmas from Woollen Wytch

I just wanted pop in today and wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you all have an absolute cracker of a day. I know most of us can't be with family this year, but I really wish you the all best in the world.

 If you're by yourself this year, please don't feel lonely, I'm here if you need some company, just send me a DM on Instagram and we can have a chat. If you know of someone that will be alone this year, please touch base with them and pass on some Christmas joy. No one should be alone with a year like 2020. 

For those lucky few that grabbed themselves my Yarn Advent Calendar this year, it's time to open your last Christmas gift - It's a bright one. After 2020 been such a shocker I thought we all needed a bit of cheer and happiness, which basically meant it was all but mandatory for me to hand dye some rainbow yarn in fully saturated bright colours. Alongside the 100g skein of yarn, I also slipped in some lush goodies including my mini WPI tool and a wooden brooch. 

I love this brooch, it's perfect for using as a shawl pin. I might be a little biased towards this brooch though because I hand drew the original death moth design. So whether, you're making a shawl out of your Advents or crocheting a blanket like the KiwiCrocheter on Youtube. I hope this Advent has brought a little joy into your December and helped end this year on a high. 

Thank you to everyone that supported me this year, whether it was treating yourself to some yarn and adding to your stash or if you just shared my business with your friends. Thank you ever so much, you are truly my favourite people and I couldn't have run this business without your support and encouragement. 

In a world full of options, thank you for choosing Woollen Wytch and supporting my small Bristol business. 

Stephanie xx

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