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 Welcome to Woollen Wytch

My name's Stephanie Male, and I run Woollen Wytch, a indie Yarn dyeing business for Spinners, Knitters and Crafters. 

Woollen Wytch's products bring together the finest materials and stunning colours to create something very special. I believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. Colorful, creative, and inspired by what I see and explore, each product represents what I love about the world. 


I hope they’ll inspire you too. 

Woollen Wytch is a one-woman business in Bristol, UK. Creating bright and unique hand dyed Yarns & Fibres for Spinning and Knitting. 

Woollen Wytch's true story began in 2009 at University in Bristol.  Whilst studying Drawing & Applied Art at UWE,  I began working on a body of work called Generation Lost. Exploring skills and crafts being lost throughout the generations. One that immediately jumped to mind was Knitting. Both my Nan and Mum are prolific Knitters, but the skill was never passed on to me. Believe me, they tried. 


Knitting was something I struggled with, so instead I sidestepped and taught myself a related craft: Spinning

And thus, Woollen Wytch was born from my new hobby and fibre obsession.