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Mitchell's Bradford - Lanolin Salve

Mitchell's Bradford - Lanolin Salve

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Gently formulated for sensitive skins, this luxurious salve is infused with lanolin, to deliver deep hydration and protection for soft, smooth skin. Why wait? Give your skin the nourishing care it deserves!

Mitchell's Bradford Lanolin Salve is a powerful emollient made in England that works to soothe and heal rough, chapped skin. It features a special blend of lanolin and petrolatum that helps provide deep hydration and restore skin to its natural, healthy state.

First produced in the the 1930's by Bradford chemist Fred Mitchell who realised the natural lanolin content of wool kept local sheep shearers and wool sorters hand's exceptionally soft. 

Lanolin is a pale yellow natural oil found in Sheep's wool that acts as a natural water repellent and conditions the wool. It also has fantastic anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties that protects the sheep's skin from infection. 

Harnessing the natural power of lanolin; Purified lanolin acts as an emollient and can help prevent evaporation of water from the skin- helping to keep skin moisturised. For use on chapped and rough skin- protecting against the harsh elements of the weather and beneficial to delicate complexions and sensitive skins. 

Lanolin can act as a protective anti-bacterial barrier for open skin wounds and is often used in treatments for skin problems such as eczema and its emollient properties make it perfect for the winter months and tired hands. 

Lanolin Salve properties

  • Not tested on animals. 
  • 25g of salve. 
  • Ingredients: Wool fat, Petrolatum, Aqua (Water). 
  • Made in England
  • Store in a cool, dry place. 
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