Pom Pom Issue #37 - Yarn Recommendations

Pom Pom Issue #37 - Yarn Recommendations

Swooping into Summer with knit and crochet patterns which will make your soul soar is Issue #37 of Pom Pom Quarterly. For this issue, Pompom asked the designers to take their inspiration from the alluring textures and glorious colours of birds. They have thought so carefully about every aspect of these animals: from the shape of their talons in snow to their sky formations. Within the pages of Pom Pom's Summer 2021 collection, you can expect nine patterns which are as elegant and dynamic as the airborne creatures they reference.  

But wait, with so many gorgeous patterns, what yarn should you use to make your next project soar? Well, I got my thinking cap on and I've got some yarn suggestions for this Quarter's Pompom Magazine just for you.

 PPQ #37: Yarn Project Recommendations


Reifel looks gorgeous and super comfy. Personally I'd love to see it in Grove Sister, a slightly bright tone to the designers.











I love a muted more earthy tone, so I would really love to see Avifauna knitted up using my There & Back Again colourway alongside Harvest. Whilst the two colours contrast I think they bounce nicely off each other, giving a really walk in the wood/country vibe. 









This one was a little hard to pick for me, as much as I could suggest using similar colours to the sample design, I really wanted to offer other colour alternatives in my suggestions. With the Picidae Sock pattern, I would use Sunrise, and pair it with the mini skeins in my Winter Solstice bundle. The Winter Solstice bundle gives a few different options on the colorwork, whether you wanted to coordinate the main colour with a orange toe, cuff & heel or go for a dark blue it's up to the knitter's personal choice, but with a 5 colour set the possibilities are seemingly endless. 



I think this is my all-time favourite pattern in this quarter's Pom Pom magazine; the pattern and lacework design is beautiful on Lodestar and I can really see myself wearing this project. Even the colour picked is perfect, that's why my suggestion for this knitting pattern is pretty close to the original. I am really looking forward to getting around to knitting Lodestar up in Sunrise, just got to finish my current project's first. 

Ardea is dreamy, the delicate texture in this pattern should really sing for itself in this project, so I would pair this knitting pattern with a more softer and muted yarn colour. My personal suggestions would be either using Lilacs & Lavender for a lilac tone, or Smudge would be a delight. 




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