Turning the Heel : Fear of a First Sock

Turning the Heel : Fear of a First Sock

Those of you that know me well will probably know that I still consider myself a novice knitter. Whilst I've been spinning yarn for over 10 years, knitting is a fairly new hobby of mine as a whole. I've been knitting scarves and simple projects for a while, and recently finished my first garment for my 30th Birthday this year, Lauren Aston's Cropped Cable Jumper, which was an achievement in and of itself.

The Magic of Video & kindness of Knitters

Socks are something I've never felt confident or comfortable trying, the complication of turning the heel has always put me off. I've always wanted to knit myself a pair, I love a good thick cosy wool sock, and they've almost seemed the project that makes you a true knitter once you've cast on a pair. But I've still felt wary of trying them, worrying about failing, that is until I discovered the Crazy Sock Lady's Youtube channel. 

Her 'How to Knit Socks on Magic Loop' video was an absolute godsend. It laid everything step by step and it was incredibly easy to follow along with. I paused and rewound it in a few places to try to get my head around it, mainly on the heel and toe sections. But then that's the beauty of video. 

I honestly believe without the magic of Youtube I wouldn't have managed to finish my first pair of socks. There's something about watching the video that removed my fear of knitting socks that I would have felt from just reading a pattern by itself. 

I'm much more a visual learner and so watching videos for me is the easiest way for me to pick up new skills and techniques. It's one of the main reasons I always wanted to make sure I recreated my own How-To Video tutorials for spinning yarn. Reading from a book and trying to learn something completely new without seeing what you are supposed to be doing is hard. Extremely hard.

Measure Twice: Knit Once

Being typically Steph, even with fantastic instruction I still messed up my first sock. The first sock took a while to complete and I knitted way too tightly, so there's not a lot of stretch, especially around the heel. I also knitted the foot too small so it's more of a UK 7 than an size 8.

The second sock was started and finished within a week and went much better. I held the yarn looser in my hand and the finished sock has more stretch and is far more comfortable to pull on and wear. I also ran out of my contrast colour on the toe decrease so had to finish it off with the main colour, leading to a striped toe effect.

As one sock is slightly too small for me I plan on gifting the pair to my smaller sized sister. I'm just hoping the fit her!  

But I am definitely seeing more sock projects in the not too distant future. 

Hand knitted socks by Woollen Wytch, using Harbour Crochet hand dyed yarn.
Hand dyed Yarn by IndieYarnClub (Formerly Harbour Crochet) 
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Ahh they’re great! You’ve inspired me to have another go at knitting socks! (I’m afraid of them too 😅)


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