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Croakus - BFL/ Alpaca/ Bio-Nylon | Sock

Croakus - BFL/ Alpaca/ Bio-Nylon | Sock

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Breathe some life into your wardrobe with Croakus - the perfect balance of lilacs and, greens. Don't croak too loudly - this BFL/ Alpaca/ Bio-Nylon sock yarn is sure to make a subtle statement!

Discover Woollen Wytch's new Yarn base featuring hand dyed BFL, bio-nylon, and alpaca for maximum softness, strength, and warmth.

Experience superior comfort and warmth with these luxurious sock yarns made from 100% hand-dyed British wool (Blue Faced Leicester, and UK Alpaca). The soft and airy fibres make the perfect socks that will hug your feet giving you that cosy feeling all day long. 

Fine enough to be comfortable against your skin yet durable and long wearing, Blued Faced Leicester is one of my favourite British wools to work with. Use it to make soft hardwearing sweaters, socks, mittens and hats, as well as nicely draping woven fabrics for clothing. 

With softness comparable to Merino, BFL is stronger and more durable- making it less likely to break or pill.  Add in this yarns Bio-Nylon and you've got yourself premium quality sock yarn that is the perfect choice for a comfortable and durable pair of socks.

Made in 50g hanks, these skeins are perfect for two at a time socks- just add 2x to your cart. 

100% British Yarn

Unlike most yarns suppliers, I have worked hard to ensure my BFL yarn is 100% British- both produced, sourced, and spun in the UK. Most popular Indie yarn dyer wholesalers in the UK send their British wool overseas, across the globe to be spun- adding a huge carbon footprint, and adding the unknown ethical and socio-economic implications of cheap labour costs of developing and middle-income countries. 

Woollen Wytch is proud to hand dyed 100% British yarns and fibre. 


Sock Yarn Information

  • Yarn Contents: 50% Superwash BFL, 25% Bio-Nylon, 25% UK Alpaca. 
  • Meterage: 200m per 50g skein
  • 100% British Wool, spun in Yorkshire, hand dyed in Bristol.
  • Needle Size: 2mm-3.75mm
  • Yarn weight: Fingering/ 4ply/ Sock
  • All yarn come as Skeins, unless otherwise stated. 


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