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Sock Ruler - Jigsaw

Sock Ruler - Jigsaw

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Once you get the Sock knitting bug its hard to stop, sometimes you've knit enough socks for yourself that it's time to spread the joy of hand knit socks. The Sock Ruler is here to help you in this mission. 

The Sock ruler ensures you can knit socks for every family member without needing them to try them on every 5 mins, meaning you get more time knitting and less time faffing about and chasing bare feet. 

Covering the smallest to largest popular shoes sizes, the long length of the Sock Ruler guarantees a large range of sizes without the need to carry multiple tools. 

By using Shoes measurements from the popular and longstanding Shoe manufacturers Clarks, this Sock Ruler uses the correct measurements for every standard Shoe fitting. To cover all bases, EU sizes are also displayed directly on the Ruler alongside UK sizes, so there's no need to work out conversions. 

To make it easier to keep track of your project and to work out your correct Sock size, Inch and 1/8" markings are engraved on the left of the Ruler to aid in your knitting. 

Got a special Sock project bag? You'll only need this tool, every Ruler comes with a Needle gauge built in, including all popular Sock knitting needle sizes from 2mm to 4mm.

Made from 6mm plywood and laser cut in the UK, the Sock Ruler is hardwearing for everyday use and being thrown around in your project bag. Better than the Acrylic alternatives, it has a tactile weighty feel you just don't get from plastic. 

Finish up those Socks on the go with the Sock Ruler- Jigsaw option. The two Ruler Jigsaw pieces simply slot together for use, and unhook them to create a smaller more portable option. 

Forget instructions or Never used a Sock Ruler before? 

Don't worry. There's no long video to skip through, or Instruction Manual you need to lug around. And if you're anything like me, you need a constant reminder of what you're supposed to be doing or how to use certain things, so I've engraved the basic Sock Ruler Instructions onto each ruler to make things even easier for you. 



Product Info

  • 317.5mm x 6mm x 65mm
  • Inch and 1/8" Ruler markings on left of Ruler
  • Shoe Measurements in UK & EU marked on the right of Ruler
  • Needle Gauge: 2mm, 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm, 3.25mm, 3.5mm, 3.75mm, 4mm.
  • Instructions for using Sock Ruler on Cuff-Down socks engraved onto Ruler.
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