How to Spin from a Art batt

How to Spin from a Art batt

I've got a thing for Batts - whether it's buying one ready to go, or creating my own. There's so many beautiful fibres and textures to spin from, it can be hard to do know what to do with them. There's no limit to the rich yarns you can spin from a Art Batt. It's not surprising sometimes that a Batt can be too beautiful and squishy to use. But once you're ready to sit down and spin it, here's what you need to know: 

Spoiler alert: there is no wrong way to spin an Art Batt! 

 The Tear & Spin

The easiest way to handle a Batt is just to tear right into it, channel you're inner-most annoyance and get right into it. Simply rip off a section to spin. I usually tear off about a handful lengthwise, along the grain of the fibres, forming almost a mini-roving. This method is great for layered Batts, making them  either more or less the same throughout or when you are looking for a more random and varying look to the yarn.  





If you are spinning a gradient Batt, much like my Kelpie or Rosebud Art Batts, you can tear off right where the colour changes. Spinning more or less one colour at a time. You're likely to get a little bit of the next colour mixed in because the colours will overlap within the Batt. This overlap actually helps to create a better blend through the colours of your yarn.

What in the W?

A.k.a The “W” Method

If you are competley new to art batts or used to spinning from rovings, this method is great and needs just a little extra prep work. The end result will be similar to using the Tear and Spin method above. This is a good method if you're just starting out and feel like your joins aren’t perfect yet. Take a look at Lori Warren's quick and easy video on turning your Art batt into roving using the W Method. 

The Faux-lag 

Alright, so it might not technically be called the Faux-lag, but it made me giggle so I'm going to use it from now on. It's actually more commonly called the Rolag Method.

If you enjoy working with rolags or would like to use/experiment with the long-draw method to spin your art batt, the Faux-lag might be a great method for you. Take a look at the video below from Grace Shalom Hopkins as she creates a Faux-log from an Art Batt.


Spin From the Corner

This method works best with blended batts and textured batts (aka art batts). You're literally just spinning directly from one corner of your Art Batt. This method is fantastic if you love your yarns looking more on the wild and organic side, with lumps an bumps and all the added texture an Art Batt can give you. 

Batter up!

Ultimately it's your decision on how you want to spin Art Batts. There's no such thing as the Spinning Police so have fun and experiment. Find out what works for you. Share the fun and let me know how you've spun your batts by leaving a comment below.

Have you spun one of the Woollen Wytch batts? I'd love to see the results, don't forget to tag me on Instagram or Facebook using @Woollenwytch. 


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