International Shipping Updates

International Shipping Updates

A number of tax, delivery and confusing changes are currently underway that may affect the way you shop with Woollen Wytch.

Yet again, the joys of running a small business in the UK, post Brexit and with additional chaos from the EU, from July 1st 2021, there are more changes that may effect you if you are ordering from Woollen Wytch outside of the UK. 

The Etsy will Reopen.

It has always worked out much simpler and cheaper for me to run Woollen Wytch directly on this website. However, with these new changes, and the fact I cannot make head nor tail of how I am supposed to function through them, I have decided to reopen my Etsy Shop, to hopefully ease some stress and confusion when dealing with International orders. 

Due to new European Union tax rules, Etsy will collect import VAT on physical goods under 150 EUR that are delivered to the EU from an outside country. Starting 1st July, this VAT will be automatically collected from you, the buyer at the time of purchase, then sent to local tax authorities on our behalf. 

I had originally decided to allow my Etsy to slowly tinker off into the distance when more and more fees were being charged to me. It was starting to get ridiculous with how many individual fees Etsy was charging to me as a seller: Listing Fee, VAT, Transaction fees, Mandatory Promotional Fees, Payment Processing Fees were just to name a few. 

Clearly, Etsy were not happy enough with those fees and have now felt the need to pass another new fee over to us, their Etsy Sellers: this new fee is the Regulatory Operating fee.

Unfortunately, in order for me to cover these added charges, I will be adding a 5% increase to my pricing for Etsy, this is to cover the extra charges due to me for selling on Etsy Vs my own site. 

This means the average £18 for a 100g skein of yarn will become £18.90. 

Not a massive increase, but something to bear in mind when ordering.  Depending on what's ordered and where it's going, this may still work out cheaper for you if the Tax & Import is handled as I hope it would be with Etsy.

As this is all this new to me, and a lot to take in and understand, please bear with me through the first few months of teething problems. I will endeavor to help and assist throughout and try my hardest to make this a smooth transition for all. 

What this means for Woollen Wytch

The Checkout process will be staying the same for this website, which means that I won't be charging VAT and duties during the checkout process. However, this will mean that you might have to pay the VAT and additional fees due upon delivery.

If you are based outside of mainland UK, and are worried about this, please feel free to order via Etsy. My entire Catalog of products will be uploaded shortly to my Etsy shop, however if you notice something missing that you would like, please message me on Etsy and I can list this for you asap.

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