The Make Nine Challenge

The Make Nine Challenge

Ahoy fellow makers! 

I'm a little bit behind the times and have only just taken in and fully noticed the Make Nine Challenge. I've seen it about a few times, posted by other creators on Instagram, but I've never delved into creating my own challenge. 

If, like me, you've not come across the #MakeNine Challenge before, the challenge was created by Rochelle from Home Row Fibre. Originally inspired by the hugely popular “Best Nine” hashtag that was circling around Instagram, but instead of sharing her best nine photos from the past year, Rochelle looked to the future and decided to share nine projects she wanted to make in the new year.

Scrapping the Resolutions

I'm generally not one that makes New Year Resolutions, I usually have so much going on, having a Resolution that I'm more than likely going to fail is just another I'd rather not have on my conscience. I do however like to set myself vague goals throughout the year. Whether that's creating a monthly Yarn Subscription box or knitting my first jumper before my 30th birthday. 

So the idea of having 9 projects I hope to work on throughout the year is a nice relaxing goal for the year without being stressed by the details. I've tried to keep my projects vague, so I can change and adapt them to how I;m feeling when I start them. But here's my MakeNine challenge projects for 2021: 



1. Knit myself another Jumper (but this time in 4ply or DK weight yarn)

I recently dyed up some yarn for the Phoenix Feather Sock kit, and I fell in love with the colour of the mini skein. I'm not usually a orange jumper person, but the deep rust colour caught my eye and I know I have to knit myself a sweater in it. 

I want to try to work my way through some of the patterns I already own this year, rather than going on another pattern buying binge.
So, I've been flicking through some of the patterns & knitting books I already own and I came across the Astragal by Ainur Berkimbayeya, that was in Issue 30 of Pompom magazine. 

I love how minimal this jumper looks and I think the design of the pattern would make the colour truly sing. There's so many other patterns about, but I think my heart is set on this one for me. 



2. Knit a cardigan 

 I basically live in the same few store bought cardigans, I love just throwing them on when I'm lazing at home. The ones I have are looking a little ratty these days, so it would be really nice, now I have the skills, to make myself a new one. Again, there's still so many patterns readily available on Ravelry, but I bought the Vintage silver shrug by Meaghan Schmaltz a while ago, and its such a lovely pattern I think I'm going to stick with it. Although if I'm honest I have also been eyeing up the Gloam cardigan by Caitlin Hunter at Boyland Knitworks. 

3. Sew a dress

After dusting off my sewing machine last year and sewing up my project bags, I've gotten the sewing bug again, and I'd love to start sewing and creating my own slow fashion wardrobe. I've seen quite a few beautiful renditions of the Hinterland dress by Sew Liberated. With three different sleeve options, and ability to turn it into a top, it seems like a good customisable pattern that has some repeatability and suitable for beginners.  

4. Knit a par of bed socks. 

Another item of clothing that I practically live in at home are bed socks, Ant always mocks me for the few pairs I have. They're essentially my slippers. My feet are freezing at the best of times, so I've always got to have a pair of super comfy thick socks on around the house. Now that I've mastered the art of knitting socks a little better and grown in confidence, I'd like to make myself a pair of bed socks. I've had the Mine pattern by Faye Kennington in my Ravelry library since I first got my account last year, maybe in 2021 I'll finally find the courage to give knitting them ago. 


5. Sew a skirt,

I've had my eye on the Sew Liberated- Estuary skirt pattern for awhile, it just looks so flowy and comfortable. Again with Sew Liberated patterns I can custom make it to the style I'm after, which I love. I have a feeling my new slow fashion wardrobe will be filled with Sew Liberated clothing.  


6. Knit a pair of mittens

At the last Unravel Festival in 2020, just before Lockdown hit the UK, I picked up to Super Chunky skeins from Spectrum Fibre in two gorgeous colours of grey and pink and I had this mad idea of creating some faded fingerless mittens. I caked up the yarn ready to knit and that is as far as I got. Perhaps this year 'll manage them, hopefully in time for winter.   

7. Sew some reusable cloth pads

This has been on my Make List for a while. I've been using reusable cloth pads for a few years after some reactions to the plastics used in disposables. I originally bought my first ones from Honour your Flow, but I would love to learn to make my own.  

8. Knit the Love Thing Sweater by Wool & the Gang

 I've had this flipping kit from Wool and the Gang since I first picked up knitting again a few years ago. I don't know what it was but I tried and frogged and tried this project so many times. But I always struggled. Now I'm a lot more confident with knitting and a lot faster, I think if I picked this pattern up, I would finish it in no time, so I'm going to try again in 2021. 

9. Finish Ant's JUiST no2 Sweater 

I started this one at the start of the year, it was originally meant as a Christmas present for Ant last year, but I got so distracted with other thins I didn't manage it in time. I've managed to get up to making it a crop top for me at the moment, so I'm not far of finishing the main body for him, and then it'll just be the sleeves. I'm hoping at the very least I can get this finished in time for Autumn this year for him, so he can at least wear it when the weather starts turning again.  



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