Yarn Advent Calendar: Round-up 2020

Yarn Advent Calendar: Round-up 2020

I had planned on writing these every week throughout December, but we all know what this year has been like. A complete year long brain fart for me personally. Other than having chilled time making hand dyed yarn, my life in Bristol has been fairly chaotic. 

I'm a bit behind this month, life has just become a constant state of chaos in my household and it been hard to catch up with everything, but then that's me during December for you. I'm finally fitting in the time to catch up with everything and that includes this blog post. I meant to write this at the start of December and do a little weekly round-up for Woollen Wytch's Yarn Advent Calendar for 2020 but I desperately haven't had the chance. I've been swept up in plans and cancellations and of course, opening this year's Bristol Pop-up shop with the Bristol Etsy team. 

So instead of a week by week, here's the full chunk of this year's hand dyed yarn advent calendar - but don't forget I also dyed an extra special Christmas Day skein I'll reveal tomorrow morning in all its glory.  

Woollen Wytch hand dyed yarn advent calendar 2020

This year has been the first full year of running Woollen Wytch, so I wanted to celebrate and create an Advent Calendar filled with fun, gorgeous coloured hand dyed yarn. I didn't really have too much of a plan with the colours - this was my time to experiment. 

yarn advent calendar 2020 knitting hand dyed yarn woollen wytch
It's been fantastic having that freedom to play with colour, I've experimented with a few different techniques and different ways to dye yarn. Most importantly though, I think I've created some absolutely beauties, there's quite a few dotted through the month that I'm almost definitely going to have to make as regular fixtures in the Woollen Wytch catalogue of colours. 
christmas advent calendar hand dyed yarn uk woollen wytch bristol
Whilst my Advent Calendar didn't have a theme and the day to day colours were randomised, I did make the effort to create a rainbow effect through the yarn.
Every time I dyed yarn, I would lay the new colourway next to the previous and work out what colour base the next should have. This was definitely a fun technique and pushed me to use colours I wouldn't normally go with. For instance, Orange isn't normally a 'Steph' colour, but since dyeing it up and knitting with it, I'm really enjoying the change up. 
Christmas yarn hand dyed uk bristol wool shop woollen wytch yarn advent calendar 2020
As stress out as I was about people not liking them (zero self-confidence sometimes), I absolutely loved making these. I'm unsure whether I'm going to do a full 25 day Advent Calendar next year or do a shorter sweeter 12 days of Christmas. I've also been debating a Christmas Eve Cast on box with extra goodies from small businesses in the UK. What do you think though? 
Thanks for reading and checking out my yarn. 
Stephanie xx
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